Nunaventurous Newfoundanimals

July 30th, 2008 by Kip "Galley Master" Jones

Here are a few of the indigenous inhabitants that we’ve documented so far:

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  1. Rebecca Robertson Says:

    Yay Pictures!!! Oh, it is so wonderful to see pictures. They are so amazing and beautiful! How many people in the lower 48, who live seemingly normal lives, can say that they have seen Polar Bears not in a zoo, but in their natural environment! This truly is the adventure of a lifetime and I’m so proud that my husband gets to be a part of it.

    A note from Nursebecki~ whoever buggered their finger I hope you are using the betadine and bacitracin that Kathy sent and also keeping it covered. It definitely looks infected. I guess you could use Shane’s usual remedy and just dump a bunch of salt in it!! (Love you Bug!!) I think mine is a less painful option.

    Stay safe and healthy and thanks for the wonderful pictures!

  2. Audrey Brown Says:

    Dear Great Adventure team,

    Wow, I was waiting for the picture of a polar bear! Amazing! I just returned from a trip to Colorado for my uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary: great time with my ‘singing cowboy cousins.’ They are all fly fishermen too! The best time was singing together and seeing everyone cry because one of my cousins was there and we had all been praying for him, –now he part of God’s family.

    But I missed following your adventure. I have been praying that you all will experience a deep soul refreshing as you travel in the amazing tabernacle of God’s creation.

    I loved seeing Shane to the rescue as he dove in to take junk off the rudder. Reminded me of days of camping and boat troubles.

    Sorry to see you are hung up now and I am praying for your safety as and wisdom as I go for my prayer walk. Yesterday I was holding babies at Heritage Home. They are packed out now!

    In my Bible I have a notation that God told me to pray Psalm 20 for you on Dec 20, 1981. Then He told me to call you and read it to you. I did that and felt very foolish, but you called me later and told me how it was just what you needed. Sometimes my Bible is a diary too! Anyhow, I am praying that Psalm again for you today.

    Trusting you all to His care,

  3. Corrie Gaumnitz Says:

    I have been following your amazing journey and enjoying all the pictures! It must have been so thrilling to see polar bears. I am continually praying for your strength and safety.


  4. Marcie Bowerman Says:

    Curious how the repairs are going? God is with you and your strength is His. MarcieB.

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