Fixing and Fending

July 31st, 2008 by Kip "Galley Master" Jones

All the parts arrived and were installed today so we now have a water maker going again, a new starter motor & fuel cutoff solenoid so the engine fired right up and stopped. We have lots of spare parts for the water maker though the company again sent us a faulty part. The metal pipe they sent was stripped at one end and so Shane literally stretched the stainless pipe we had to make it fit. Wow! We are thankful for Luc, Joe and Charlotte for helping us get our parts together. The things flown in arrived Wednesday night and not Friday. Pat and Shane stayed at the hotel last night and Shane said he kept running to the window to look for ice all night long! They walked to the airport and on to the Napa parts store to get all the things and walked back to shore; several miles in the rain. Meanwhile, at the Geraldine, Skip, Walt & Kip did shifts around the clock to keep the ice away and were successful. We hope to head out tomorrow after fueling up and settling up, returning borrowed tools etc. Tomorrow we will get the current ice conditions before heading out of Frobisher Bay. The weather is supposed to shift big time and the rain depart and winds shift.

The grocery store here is amazing; much like at home where you can find about anything you want at a price including fresh spices, baby salad greens, cheeses etc. Milk is $12.00 for four liters. There is only one paved road in town and no traffic lights. It feels like the frontier which it is. There are many vacationers here for the total eclipse tomorrow; the hotels are full.

From Walt: This week has been very hard and stressful on us all. We have a new, very healthy respect for ice. All are eager for a change of scenery. The big question remains whether we turn right of left at the head of the bay. More this weekend on that.

Editor’s Note: I spoke to mom in the middle of the night tonight via the satellite phone during her shift on ice duty. She sounded tired (understandably) with the business of being anchored in the harbor as ice chunks the size of the boat go bump in the night. That said, she was clear that everyone is well (even Dad’s infected finger is mostly mended). They are grateful for the successful repairs and the procurement of spare parts. As far as prayers go, she was asking for clear direction and a unified conclusion after they read the lastest ice reports. — Randy

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  1. Kathy Boselli Says:

    So glad to hear that you were able to complete the necessary repairs! After 5 days of “fending and fixing” I can only imagine how ready you are to get going once again. Everyone at Lake Winnipesaukee is following your blog, phoning for details, coming by in their boats for reports, etc. Lots of concerns but also hopeful that you will be able to continue with your planned journey, if it is safe! Love to all of you, Kathy

  2. Randy Jones Says:

    Has Shane been fitted for a superhero tights and a cape yet? I’m picturing a big D emblazoned on the chest since he is two heros rolled into one: Diesel Man and his trusty sidekick Diving Boy. Once again great stuff! It sounds like all the crew deserve a medal and a good night’s (week’s) sleep. Kathy, I’m grateful Skip is there with them as they make decisions with his planning, research and expertise. We send our greetings to Pig Island!

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