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August 1st, 2008 by Randy Jones
Iqaluit: We fought the ice all night and the southeasterly winds kept bringing more ice to confront us. I was on with Skip and said I felt like it looked like the storm troopers coming against us. At 7:00 on an ebbing tide, we went into the town dock, got fuel while the water receded until we were resting on the bottom. People from town came from every direction to see the boat and several people said we are the talk of the town, “that American boat that needs help.” So while aground, we came up to the hotel for lunch and Walt and I had Arctic Char which was absolutely delicious! Pat had it again he enjoyed it so much before and Shane had a Musk Ox burger and he liked his too. Nice to let someone else do the cooking.
We had a change in crew today. Skip decided to head for home so when we came ashore he got a ride to the airport and made connections to leave here at 1:45 pm. He knew that he would not have such good connections again as are available here in the capital city. We will miss him and his expertise greatly.  He has a deadline of being home for a wedding in late August and knew we would be delayed due to all our problems and time spent fixing things. So the Lake Winnipesaukee Yacht Club burgee was taken down and went home with him. All of us are sad about this decision but Skip was clear it was the best thing to do.
We have complete ice reports to study to understand our best choices on what to do next. Please keep us in your prayers. The only option north is the traditional route.
Here are photos of the crew from the past few weeks:

3 Responses to “Crew update”

  1. Randy Jones Says:

    That is one way to accomplish a bottom survey.

  2. Isaac Montoya Says:

    Hello ya’ll! Don’t forget the saying: “Patience is our best companion”. Keep on keepen on and know that all will be safe. Wish I was there! Take care Shane –


  3. Chuck Single Says:

    Randy said it !! I was suprised to see Geraldine at low tide. Are the tides more han 12 ft ??

    I was comforted that Skip was going to be there all the way, but was unawaare of his committment to a wedding. I am sure you all will miss him.

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