Leaving Iqaluit

August 2nd, 2008 by Walt "The Skipper" Jones

We finally left Iqaluit this morning under sunny skies and light wind, though it still was out of the SE. We fought through several bands of ice to get to open but bergy water. Were we ever happy. Everything was repaired and working except the aft alternator which was bathed in salt water from the water maker failures. We were encouraged by Psalms 91 and 20 and Hebrews 13:5-6 from Kip’s devotional; then trouble hit again. We started to make water and it failed again in less than 2 hours; though this time the failure was in a different part; this time in the pump module though the failure was a similar material defect. We went from such elation to being totally bummed out and discouraged. We are currently running out of Frobisher Bay in clear water. It is hard to see any stars because it is twilight and at 11:30 the sun is still setting.

We spoke to the Canadian Ice Service out of Sarnia, Ontario today and they said the Passage is opening according to schedule in the traditional route as predicted. We’ll report next steps tomorrow.

PS. Had Arctic Char for dinner. It was delicious; like salmon but richer with more oil and yet without an oily, fishy taste. Pat saw some people coming in from a day of fishing and asked them if he might buy some Arctic Char from them. They said they had plenty in the freezer and went home to return with three fish for us! We gave them Peets coffee in exchange and they seemed as pleased as we were! We again ran into so many people who delighted in going out of their way to help us.

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  1. M'Ellen Alden Says:

    It is my undestanding that glacier ice is salt free. I believe in the past it has been”havested” and bottled for sale. Could this be a possible source of fresh water?

    We will continue to pray for God’s wisdom as you choose your course.

    Love, M’Ellen

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