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Arrived in Kodiak

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

The all night run up to Kodiak Island went well with the help of the moon to dimly light the water allowing us to see the horizon.  Each one of us slept for two hours followed by a four hour watch.  This allowed two of us be awake at all times as we plowed through the seas and with the help of some positive currents  we arrived at Kodiak Island by dawn.  From there we traveled up the north west side of the island with the calmest waters since I came onboard in Nome.  A most pleasant change especially since we are all tired from the sleep deprived night.  We had another whale siting today and many more birds than usual.

At the north end of Kodiak Island we headed south-east down Whale Passage with seas like glass and plenty of sunshine.  We had numerous whale and otter sightings.  The mountains on either side of the passage were coated with green vegetation and trees which we previously had not seen along the Alluctian Islands.  Behind these mountains were higher mountains with patches of snow that peaked in and out of the clouds and rain.  What gorgeous scenery.  Along the edge of the passage were several homes and buildings confirming our return to civilization.  We were blessed by favorable conditions as the tides and currents gave us a huge lift down the passage where we reached a speed as high as 13.3 knots.  Normally our speed is in the range of 7-8 knots.  This was a wonderful way for ending my part of this journey. 

The destination for tonight is Kodiak Harbor where Scott and Raime (Scott’s daughter) and Rebecca (Shane’s wife) will join us.  Kip will join the crew on Monday night and I will depart back to San Jose, probably on Tuesday, if my reservations can be changed.

Ed (second mate)

PS Arrived Kodiak, St. Paul’s Harbor at 8:30 PM rendezvoused with Raime, Scott, and Rebecca.

Ed’s perspective

Saturday, September 6th, 2008

(57 deg 19′ N, 165 deg 50′ W) Water water everywhere. Since joining the crew of the Geraldine in Nome, we have been traveling south 24/7 with almost no land in site. The seas have ranged from minor waves at best all the way up or down (depending upon your view of waves) to 9-10 foot swells with whitecaps which we are now experiencing in the Bering Sea (so if my writing is choppy you will understand). Currently we are headed south to Dutch Harbor with an expected arrival time of 8-9 PM, Dutch Harbor time, on Sunday. Having a chance to join this adventure has been a blessing and fitting in with the other crew members extremely easy. Hopefully after we pass through these sloppy seas and begin traveling up the south side of the Aleutian Islands we will have calmer waters and some scenery. Not that I don’t mind being on water all day in the middle of what seems like nowhere, but some scenery and calmer waters would be nice.

The boat has just about every conceivable device for keeping in touch with other boats; determining the water depth; communicating with weather personnel, Coast Guard, and friends. I am beginning to get the hang of it all: what all the gauges and dials do and mean, where the necessities are located and especially how to operate them, not to be concerned when I am in a bunk and gravity seems to disappear as the boat suddenly drops down from the top of a wave, and living several days without a shower and when you do get one being limited to three gallons of water (fortunately we are all in the same boat).

Having a great time, wish you were here.

I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go — Genesis 28:15