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Shakedown Cruise

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

We did a shakedown cruise along with Skip for the last week, and we are really excited about how the boat is coming together and how she performs.  We also got to spend some time with Kathy, and to visit Pig Island (the last few pictures below).

Having Fun

Friday, May 30th, 2008

We have had so much fun with Skip Boselli; moving in, solving problems, figuring out how the boat works, eating, meeting people on the dock who have been to Nova Scotia and New Foundland, etc.  We took Geraldine out for a spin twice yesterday and they charted RPMs against speed and made a spread sheet with all the glorious data!!!!  The sun is up by 4:45 so we all wake up early and go to bed early too.

Moving In!

Monday, May 26th, 2008
We had a visit from Mark Kunz who is building Olive and he brought the dinghy though she is not yet finished.  He needs to put the rub rail material on and paint the inside.  He came Sunday afternoon and we saw how cool the clam shell folding design Walt picked out really is.  Our dinghy will be just right to carry four adults and maybe a bambino or two!  He had dinner with us and spent the night, reporting in that at 6′ 10″ he could spread out and was very comfortable in the V berth!!  Best night he ever spent on a boat, he said, so we think the money spent on fancy mattresses has paid off!
The heater is an advantage!  It has been in the 40’s at night and we have been toasty.  We have been busy emptying all the boxes we sent (and Pat sent) and have been finding a place to store things and then moving them to a better spot!  We have had workers aboard helping us with lots of details and have not been out but once.  That will change Tuesday when Skip Boselli shows up.  I plan to make bread while he is here and check out the oven!  I spent much of the day doing laundry, getting the new towels and sheets washed and ready for you!  🙂
Our Memorial Day bas been memorial to us as we are so excited that we could even own a boat like this free and clear and be planning such an exciting trip.  Thanks be to God.  I went to a local small grocer today and he will order wheels of cheese, beans, rice etc. for me and deliver it to Geraldine!  This little shop is neat and is one Martha S. and even Julia Childs frequents!  I made sure we weren’t getting the Martha price!
All the interior ultra suede remains under plastic so we haven’t gotten the view of the main saloon yet, but she looks great.  We are so excited and grateful!
The galley works!  Love the way it is put together and the stove is cool (or Hot really!)

The Geraldine!

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

We made it to the Geraldine at about 1:00 am Thursday night, came aboard and slept like babies!!! We took her out yesterday and didn’t crash the dock into pieces, but instead Walt did a great job bringing us in.  We are busy provisioning, stowing, and figuring out how she will work for us.  So far we are really pleased with the work that’s been done and just using her though there is still lots to learn.  Skip Boselli will join us Tuesday and we will go out until Thursday to check her out.  Olive, the dingy, shows up some time today as she is also finished.  The dingy is a clam shell design; 11′ overall and she hinges and folds in half and is stored that way.  We had her built for us to save space and the pictures we have seen look so great.  We think we are getting what we asked for.

We are on wireless internet the marina supplies and it’s fun because we both brought our lap tops and any questions or need for directions can be done on line without yellow pages; it’s a new world! Food prices are so much cheaper in Maine we are stunned.  Gas is about the same which was also surprising.

One system we are excited about on the boat is an emergency motor or get home motor.  It runs off the generator and uses less than half the diesel of the main engine.  It goes at 5.5 knots instead of 10 but the fuel savings may just slow us down!  The cost up in the NW Passage can be well over $10 a gallon, so we are talking a REAL savings.  The microwave we had installed is perfect and the new mattresses are very comfy.  I’m really pleased with how much I can fit in the galley so far and that was a concern I had.

I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go — Genesis 28:15